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Gotta Dance is the place to experience the joy of dance while learning proper, classical technique. We are a traditional school dedicated to helping each student reach their potential. Children flourish in this environment of encouragement! Whether you are looking to start dance for your preschooler or preteen, we offer a variety of classes to suit every need –Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Dance Fusion, Ballet Company, Junior Company, and Adult Lessons. This is the place to dance! We love what we do and we want to share this love of dance during each and every lesson! Come be a part of the fun! Discover Dance!


UPDATE 5/23/2020

Dear Gotta Dance students and families,

Over the past several weeks we have been diligently planning the reopening of our studio.  Throughout this process we have consulted with health and medical professionals to assure we are taking every precaution possible to protect our students, families, and faculty. It is with extreme care and consideration that we have decided to move forward with Phase 1 of our reopening plan to begin June 1.

Phase 1 will only include Levels 3-8 of ballet technique.  We are hopeful to initiate Phase 2 of our reopening plan as soon as June 15. This would include Levels 1, 2, and our Adult ballet students.  More information regarding these in-studio classes will be provided should we have success with our initial soft opening.

We will also be continuing with our virtual lessons through Zoom for the month of June.  We will be updating the schedule to include additional classes, camps, and workshops for our students.  Please stay tuned for information regarding scheduling and registration for these classes!

Here are some of the precautions Gotta Dance will be taking inside the studio to assure a safe environment for all:

  • Restricting access to dressing rooms, waiting areas, and water fountains
  • Covid-19 testing for all faculty and staff
  • Temperature checks required by all students and staff before entering
  • Health questionnaires to be submitted by all students before each class
  • Masks worn by students and faculty at all times
  • No physical contact or hands on corrections between students and faculty
  • Hand sanitizer to be used before, after, and during class
  • Assigned barre and center spots that maintain 10 foot distancing
  • No dancing or traveling “across the floor”
  • No dance bags or water bottles. Please only bring ballet slippers and necessary PPE.  Street shoes and cover ups will remain in a designated spot inside the studio and should not be accessed until the class has ended
  • Classes spaced 30 minutes apart to allow for drop off/pickup and proper sanitation between classes

Below you will find a description of how a typical class will proceed during Phase 1 of reopening.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will plan on making adjustments  as needed. Please go over this carefully with your dancer, as we expect many of these protocols to still be in place once we initiate Phase 2.  It is important that students feel comfortable, confident, and prepared to follow these new guidelines when entering the ballet studio.

Students are suggested to begin arriving no more than 10 minutes before the designated start time for their class.  Upon arrival students are to remain in their parked vehicle. They will then be escorted one at a time into the studio by faculty or staff.  Students must be wearing a mask before entering, and these masks must remain on during their time in the studio. Temperatures will be taken and health questionnaires will be turned in.

Once inside students will be directed immediately into the proper studio and to their assigned barre spot. They will not be able to access any other rooms or areas of Gotta Dance. Students must arrive dressed as there will be no access to dressing rooms and restrooms are only available in case of emergency, so please plan accordingly. Please do not bring dance bags.  Only bring essential items with you like proper dance shoes and cover up. No water bottles please. 

Students must wear masks upon entering the building.  They may not touch, adjust, or remove masks while in the building.  Water breaks will not be permitted during class.  Classes will be taught in consideration to these restrictions in order to allow for proper breathing.

At the door hand sanitizer will be provided. Students must apply the hand sanitizer before touching any surface in the studio.  We hope to minimize surfaces touched by the students to be only barres so that faculty and staff can properly disinfect in an efficient manner between classes.  Doors will be held open upon entering and exiting and should only be handled by faculty and staff.

While in the studio we will adhere to strict 10 foot distancing between individuals at all times, including at the barre and in center.  There will be no turning, jumping, or traveling combinations, as well as work done that requires touching or lying on the floor.  There will be no physical contact between individuals.  This includes no hands on corrections or adjustments from instructors.

Once class is over students will be escorted one at a time out of the building and back to their vehicles.  It is absolutely necessary that parents arrive for pick up promptly and on time.  No one other than the student and Gotta Dance faculty and staff will be allowed inside the building for any reason.

It is only with the understanding and cooperation from our students and their families that we will be able to implement these changes.  We all must work together as one Gotta Dance family in order to succeed in moving forward. We are so grateful for your cooperation and continued support, and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon.