2020 - 2021 Tuition

Tuition Details

Monthly tuition payments are due on the first, past due on the 10th, with a $15.00 late fee. There are no discounts for missed classes. Full tuition must be paid each month to secure your child’s place in each class. 

Our method of payment is PayPal. Tuition may be paid by the month, by the semester, or by the year. If you are unsure about your tuition amount, please call 972-769-0017.


  • Family Discount is $20.00 off registration and tuition for each additional student in a family.**

  • 5% Discount off Semester and Yearly payments

Please call the studio for specific pricing.

Annual Registration $48.00

Monthly Tuition

1 Zoom Pre/Level One class per week

$54.00 per month
Zoom classes level 2 and up (45-60 minutes)$64.00 per month
Each additional 45-60 minute studio class$64.00 per month
1 Studio class per week (45-60 minutes)

$84.00 per month
1 Studio ballet class per wek + Jr Company$148.00 per month
1 Zoom ballet class per week + Jr Company$128.00 per month
2 Zoom ballet classes + PMB $192.00 per month
2 Zoom Pointe classes per week$170.00 per month
2 Zoom Pointe classes per week + PMB$234.00 per month
Unlimited classes at the studio$390.00 per month

PMB and Junior Company Fees

Jr Company Annual Membership Fee$75.00
PMB Annual Membership Fee$150.00

Additional Fees for Recital


Costume Fees (1/2 due in November, balances due in January)

Pre and Level One (Per Class)$70.00
Level Two and Three (Per Class)$74.00
Levels Teen, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Adults (Per Class)$78.00

Recital Fee (Due in April)

1 Dancer $68.00
2 or more dancers in a family$116.00